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Pet Trivia that Your Dog Might Not Even Know!

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Bo, the intellectual cat: I have been doing some fun research on the internet lately. (Jessie, the reasonable canine, interrupts: Yeah!  When he’s not watching clips on You Tube!)

Bo: Yeah?  Well there sure are a lot of funny videos out there about dogs and their silly antics.  I could easily be entertained for hours.  Nevertheless, I have more pressing things to do.  I prefer to bone up on research and matters of intellectual prowess.  So, when I was surfing the web, I came across some fun trivia facts about pets.  For example, did you know that cats have up to 26 more vertebrae than the human back bone?  This allows for greater flexibility.  Ahh…I feel superior already!

Jessie: Bet you didn’t know that during the 19th century, mummified cats in Egypt were excavated and used as manure!

Bo: Well, I have it on good authority that in the past, Burmese cats were reported to have had their own servants!  In fact, at one point, Burmese cats were so highly valued that it was illegal to sell them!  Cats have class, grace, and dignity…something that you would never understand!

Jessie: Big deal!  Did you know that all dogs are direct descendants of wolves?  Yeah!  You better sleep with one eye open tonight, Fur Ball.

Bo: Before you get all high and mighty, did you know that 25% of a dog’s stool volume is shed intestinal epithelium?  (To the audience: Not exactly sure what that is, but it sounds gross!)

Jessie: Yeah?  Well, some authorities indicate that a dog’s sense of smell is as high as 1 million times greater than humans.  And guess what?  You stink!  (Storms off to the other room!)

Bo, sniffing his arm pits and then turning to audience: I wonder if she actually smells her intestinal epithelium?  Gotta go….just realized Jessie is on my Facebook page!  She could be posting incriminating information!  You all can friend me later!  I have pressing business to tend to! (Running down the hall yelling at Jessie: I am going to de-friend you if you don’t stop that!)

(Thanks to for these fun facts!)


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