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Ow, My Aching Tooth!

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Yesterday regular clients Dillon and Riley, aka The Fur Boys, got their annual dental cleaning. Riley came throughDils fine, Dillon, however, had a molar removed.

So what are some things Dillon and Riley’s people can do to keep the boy’s smiles intact?  Daily tooth brushing is the best way to prevent dental problems.  These boys are getting a bit older and aren’t very cooperative when it comes to brushing, but there are other things to do to help keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Using water additives, like CET Aquadent, is an easy way to help prevent plaque buildup and keeps pet’s breath fresh.  There are also several dental treats on the market that can help prevent plaque and tartar buildup.  Check with your vet to get recommendations on the best one for your pet.

RileyIt’s important to have your pet’s teeth checked regularly and schedule cleanings annually at a minimum.  If your pet has a history of dental problems or is a breed prone to dental problems (toy breeds, for example) dental check-ups and/or cleanings may be needed every six months.

Our pets age differently than we do (1 pet year = 5-7 human years) so exams and dental cleanings are essential to keep them healthy.  If you notice your pet pawing at his mouth frequently or if he seems reluctant to eat anything hard, it may be a sign of dental problems.

Taking care of your pet’s dental health can prevent discomfort for him and keep vet expenses in check for you.  Keep your pet’s smile sparkling by scheduling his cleaning today!


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