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On This Veteran’s Day, It’s Pets for Patriots

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With today being Veteran’s Day, I wanted to take this opportunity to mention the Pets for Patriots program.  Pets for Patriots was formed in 2009 with a goal of matching veterans and homeless pets while keeping pet care affordable.

To ease the financial costs associated with pet ownership, Pets for Patriots partners with veterinarians to deliver a minimum 10% discount for the life of the adopted pet’s care. Pets for Patriots provides access to cost reductions for pet basics, such as food, toys and essential supplies.  The charity is planning to offer discounts on other pet services such as training, grooming, and pet sitting in the future.

Pets for Patriots works with animal shelters, rescues, and humane societies nationwide to find good pet matches for veterans.  The charity works with adult cats (including those with special needs) and dogs (including big dogs) only since they are usually harder to place in permanent homes.

Military personnel from all branches of service are eligible for the program.  Men and women at all stages of their military careers: active, retired, veteran, prior service, reserve, inactive reserve and national guard can become members of Pets for Patriots.

Membership is free to those that are eligible.  For more information and to apply for membership, go to


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