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On the Move

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Yesterday I took  longtime clients Riley and Dillon, nicknamed “The Fur Boys” for a walk at their new home.  They moved last week from a large home with fenced yard to a town home.  The Boys are settling in at their new home now, but moving can be a stressful time for us and our pets. Here are a few steps to take to help your pet through a move:

  • Maintain your pet’s feeding/walking schedule.  Our pets tend to be creatures of  habit, so keeping their schedule consistent can work to minimize stressful effects of the move.
  • Be sure pet’s belongings like their bed, toys and feeding dishes make the move.   Even though the home is different, having their “stuff” with them helps pets feel more comfortable.
  • Make time to walk and play with your pet.  Having a little extra one-on-one time with you through the moving period can ease their anxiety.
  • If you’re moving to another state, check for any differences in laws governing pets.  Be sure to schedule a vet visit for your pet prior to the move and ask him/her for recommendations they may have for vets in your new location.
  • Keep yourself stress-free.  Although moving can be a very trying time, take time to relax.  Pets pick up on our stress, so keeping calm can have a soothing effect on them too.

Pets like new sights and smells that a move can bring,  explore the new neighborhood with your pet and enjoy!


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