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October is National Pet Wellness Month!!!

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Jessie:  Hey!  It’s October 1st!  This is a great month, as it focuses on the pets in your life!  It is National Pet Wellness Month!  Who could ask for a better month?

Bo:  How about a month all about ME?

Jessie:  And where is the value in that?  Besides, I need to get moving here if I am to pontificate about the glory of this month.  To get started, did you know that pets age SEVEN TIMES faster than people do?

Bo:  Yeah…and you don’t see ME lathering on the anti-wrinkle creams at night!

Jessie:  By age 2, most pets are adults.  By age 4, they are considered middle-aged.  By age 7…..

Bo:  Let me guess….social security kicks in then.

Jessie:  By age 7, they are full-fledged seniors!  Hard to believe, but it is true.  My human, Karen, has another human friend whose grandma is 105 years old!  My goodness…where on earth does that age fit into the stratosphere?

Bo:  So, any words of wisdom for the pets in your life who are aging just reading your words here?

Jessie:  Yes!  Your human should get you to the veterinarian twice a year for wellness exams.  This is necessary to simple treat and prevent health problems before they become serious.  These visits also provide a great opportunity to allow your human to discuss with the vet any health or behavioral issue you might have.

Bo:  So, it takes just two times a year to make sure YOU are covered there, bud?  I would think it would take more than that!

Jessie:  I am ignoring you on that one, Bo.  I am, however, encouraging all pet owners to get that next wellness exam appointment set for your pet TODAY!  In doing so, your day will be complete and your pet will love you for it.

Bo:  Do they give out lollipops at the vet’s?

Jessie:  Go back to sleep, please.


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