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Obstacles in the way!

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Bo, the fit feline:  In honor of our attention to pet fitness these past few posts, I just wanted to let our audience know that I take my overall health and fitness routine seriously.  I love a buff body and know I have a long life (or LIVES!) ahead of me.  Now, as for our lovable canine companion in the home, well, she needs to step up the workout routine a bit, and since she does not like to get too dirty outside, I have discovered a new indoor workout for her to try!  If you really want to have some fun with your dog, especially on a rainy or excessively hot day, then set up an indoor obstacle course.  It is so much fun for you and your dog to bond together in this manner, and even way more fun for the adorable house cat to sit back and watch.  Talk about entertainment!

Jessie, the adorable canine:  I thought we already had an indoor obstacle course, what, between all of your cat nip toys, the litter box, and your precious little cat pillows, I can barely get through the living room without hurting myself.

Bo:  The maid has been on vacation for the past couple of weeks.  What can I say?  Now, for this obstacle course, you can do things like put your dog on pet steps next to a footstool and create some low jumps by using objects in your home, like a cardboard box placed in the middle of a doorway or two chairs and a broom.  Have your dog fetch something as he goes up the steps and back and forth over that low jump.  Try to teach your dog to run through a tunnel, too.  Play fetch with him this way.  Use a child’s toy tunnel or a big cardboard box with both ends cut out and have him run through it. (Ideally, I would position the tunnel next to an open doorway that leads to the outside and just watch that puppy keep on running…and then SHUT the door! However, I do not recommend you try that at home.  That is just MY personal agenda that I may implement one day.)

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