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No More Stinky Cat Breath!

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Jessie, the dog with minty-fresh breath:  Oh…how I miss our beloved Bo!  Such a charmer.  Such a buddy. Such a pal…..such a reason to poke fun!  Oh, well, in his honor and memory, I will still do that.  He would want the show to go on, right? We have been referring to bad breath and dental problems primarily in dogs here lately, but cats have issues, too.  Don’t just assume that with old age in cats comes nasty, stinky breath.  Just because Bo could clear a room when he yawned does not mean it was normal.  Neither was the subsequent green haze.  Here are a few tips to be more proactive in the care of your cat’s teeth, mouth, and gums:

1.)    Have your veterinarian check your cat on a regular basis to ensure there are no underlying problems that might be contributing to the cat’s bad breath.

2.)    Make sure your vet keeps track of your cat’s teeth and breath issues.

3.)    Brush your cat’s teeth frequently – daily, if possible.  Be sure to use toothpaste specifically made for cats.  Using your toothpaste could spell tummy troubles for your cat.

4.)    Ask your veterinarian about any home-use oral health care products he or she might recommend for your cat.

5.)    Ask your veterinarian about a specific diet that could help to prevent dental disease in your cat.

(Thanks to for this great information! Thanks to Bo for leaving us sweet memories of him and no more stale air!)


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