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Most Common Canine Diseases

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Whole Dog Journal published some interesting statistics from a Banfield Pet Hospital study of their patients in 2010.

One of the most startling stats was a 32 percent increase in canine diabetes. A leading cause of diabetes in dogs is obesity. Obesity was one of the leading diagnoses in dogs in 2010, correlating with the diabetes increase.

Dental disease is also very common, affecting 3/4 of all dogs over age 3. Dental disease can lead to other problems like heart and kidney disease. Many small breeds like Toy Poodles and Pomeranians pare very prone to dental problems.

Flea infestation has increased 16 percent since 2006. Tick problems have also risen 6 percent in the last five years. This tick increase undoubtedly led to double the number of dogs diagnosed with Lyme Disease in the last five years.

Ear infections were the second most diagnosed illness in dogs, increasing 9.4 percent since 2006. Infections are often linked to allergies, with some dog breeds more susceptible to them. Beagles, Bassett Hounds, and Labrador Retrievers are a few breeds most often impacted.

Heart worm disease is also on the rise. Cases have been found in all states, but Southern states have the highest number of cases.

Knowing what’s ailing our dogs can help us watch for signs of trouble. It’s important to pay close attention to subtle signs your dog may not be feeling well. Annual, or twice yearly exams get help nip problems in the bud.

Is something ailing your dog?


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