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Mondays Suck! Please Pass the Hair Balls!

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Jessie, the wise and inspirational dog:  Let’s face it.  Having pets means having messes to clean up.  However, I am the type of domesticated creature who is relatively low maintenance.  The kitty counterpart in our domain, however, presents another problem.  Our poor human, Karen, goes to great lengths to clean up after Bo.  I truly feel sorry for her and wish I was in a financial position that would allow me to hire someone to do such dirty work.  Alas, I cannot afford to do that, so I am going to give you (and Karen!) a few tips on keeping a clean house despite the cat!

1.) Kitty litter is the main issue for cat owners. If possible, keep that unsightly box away from the main living areas in the home.  A good idea is to keep it in a closet, making sure the door is slightly ajar to allow the cat to go in there (And then slam it shut once he is safely tucked inside!  My bad!)

2.) Do not…I repeat, DO NOT place the kitty litter box in a room that gets too warm.  It will begin to smell like that old lady who wears too much perfume…and not the good kind.  Heat amplifies smells, and that stench will stay in your nostrils forever!

3.) If your cat can use a cat flap, then invest in a litter box with a cover and a cat flap to keep those pesky odors from escaping.

4.)  Kitty litter that clumps well will cut down on the odor. It may cost a bit more, but it is well worth the investment!

5.) Sometimes foul pet odor can be attributed to its diet.  If you notice your pet (note: CAT!) stinks, try switching up his or her diet and see if that eliminates the excess unfavorable aroma that tends to linger.

6.) Too much cat hair everywhere?  Brush your cat regularly to cut down on that.  It will also prevent those pesky hair balls.  Brushing your cat is really important for the long-haired types.

7.) Invest in a hand-held vacuum to clean up unwanted cat hair off of the furniture.  This is far easier than lugging around a conventional vacuum.  Just be sure not to suck up the….CRAP!  How do I get Bo out of this tubing?

Well, I have an urgent matter on my hands now.  Check back later…and don’t worry about Bo.  Mondays always suck for him anyway!


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