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Making Cat Toys Using Recycled Materials

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I got this in an email from Catster, com.  Author Holly Tse shares some ideas on recycling materials you have at home to make new toys for your cat.  Good stuff………

Old Business Cards

If your cat loves to play catch, then old business cards might be just the thing to catch her attention. Take a standard sized business card and pleat it accordion style along the longest edge of the card. The pleats should be approximately 1/3″ wide. This is easiest to accomplish with business cards that are printed on uncoated paper. After you’ve finished pleating, fold your pleated card in half so that it looks like a fan.

If you press the fan rapidly between your thumb and forefinger, it will make a tiny clicking sound to pique your cat’s interest. Once kitty’s watching you closely, simply flick the business card fan into the air above her head and watch her leap up to catch it.

Used Paper Bags

Clean muffin bags or used lunch bags are ideal for crumpling into paw-sized balls for batting around. Compress the bag firmly to form a dense ball that rolls faster.

Lunch bag paper can also be turned into a twisty and crunchy loop for your cat to chase or catch. Cut a 12″ x 6″ rectangle from the paper bag. Hold one end of the paper in each hand and then start twisting it. Continue twisting until you have a tightly wound twine-like rope. Finish the toy by tying the rope into a knot. This twisty loop is great for a game of catch if you toss it into the air. To encourage your cat to chase it, just slide the twisty loop across a hard floor. For extra fun, place the loop in a sealed bag overnight with a couple of tablespoons of organic catnip. The catnip scent will infuse into the toy and provide an added dimension of enjoyment.

And finally…………a good use for junk mail

Take a letter-sized piece of junk mail and roll it lengthwise into a narrow tube. Press it flat so that it holds its shape. Using a pair of scissors, make a couple of 1″ long cuts into the base of one end of the tube to create bristles. Fan out the bristles to resemble a broom.

To play peek-a-boo with your cat, place a large paper shopping bag or a cardboard box on the floor. Dust the surface with the broom to create an irresistible rustling noise and dart the broom along the edges of the bag or box while your cat hides inside.

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