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Make Sure Your Puppy Does His Homework

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I’ve acquired several new puppy clients lately, and one thing all owners have talked about is enrolling their new addition in training class.  It’s definitely a good idea to get your puppy into training school and once there, to help him get the most from his training.  Following are a few tips on things you can do with your dog to help him get an A+ in school:

  • Reinforce what was covered in class by going over the exercise for a few minutes twice a day.  Space the sessions at least 30 minutes apart so your puppy won’t be overwhelmed.  Keeping each session short also helps your puppy stay engaged, even with his short attention span.
  • Walk your puppy in different areas and reward him with treats to reinforce him staying by your side.
  • Help reinforce toy exchange by trading the toy he is playing with for a treat or another toy he values more.  Continue doing this several times a day to help him learn to give toys willingly.

Make sure your puppy does his homework after school and you’ll have an honor roll student in no time!

Dog Fancy, July 2011 was a reference for this article


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