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Love cats but have allergies? Read on!

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Bo, the cat who doesn’t want to make you sneeze:

Let’s face it…no cat is truly hyopallergenic.  All cats produce some allergens to a degree.  However, there are seven breeds of cats that produce fewer allergens than others.  If you are considering adopting a cat, this list might be beneficial, but do remember to take in other characteristics of a cat before bringing home the one that will fit in well with your household and lifestyle.

  • The Balinese – sometimes referred to as the long-haired Siamese.  This cat produces less of the protein-causing allergens than other cats, causing less of a reaction in allergy sufferers.
  • The Oriental Shorthair – although this breed is hypoallergenic, it is a good idea to brush it or wipe it down frequently to keep dander to a minimum.
  • The Javanese – like the Balinese, this breed has a medium-long single coat that does not mat.  With a lack of an undercoat, they have less fur and therefore produce less allergens.
  • The Devon Rex – this cat has shorter fur and less fur.
  • The Cornish Rex – this cat requires more upkeep than the Devon because they need more baths to keep oil build-up on their skin at bay.
  • The Sphynx – this hairless cat is most often associated with being hypoallergenic.  Don’t confuse no hair with no maintenance, however. This cat requires frequent baths to get rid of the build-up on its skin.
  • The Siberian – this cat has a moderately long coat, but is still more hypoallergenic than other cats because of the low level of enzymes in its saliva.  Some reports have suggested that 75% of allergy-sufferers had no reaction to a Siberian cat.

If worst comes to worst, and your allergies are so bad, then I suppose you can get a stuffed animal kitty….or contact me and I will send you a framed, autographed photo of myself to hang on your wall!  Or, just make a donation to your local animal shelter in honor of a special cat!

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