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Like butter! (Or is it “like buttah?”)

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Boltie-Boy, the Yorkie-Poo guest columnist:  It’s amazing what you can learn from watching TV!  Just the other day, as I was mesmerized by Animal Planet, I learned of a great tip to train your puppy not to bite.  You see, I live with a Wheaten Terrier who tends to nip at strangers, and it has landed him in “doggie jail” a couple of times. That kind of behavior does not look good on a resume!

At any rate, on this one particular show about dogs, they said that a great way to teach  puppies not to bite is to rub butter on your hands and arms so that they will then learn to lick, as opposed to biting.  Kind of messy, I know, but it can save aggravation down the road.

As for that Wheaten Terrier in my home, who is now six years old, I don’t think he is completely untrainable, but I think at this point, our owners will have to dip themselves in barbeque sauce to get the message across.

That’s my friendly tip of the day!  And, by the way, don’t all dogs bite?  I mean, seriously…how do they eat otherwise?

Have a great Easter weekend!


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