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Life’s a Beach!

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Jessie, the sun-worshipping, beach-loving canine: Ah!  The summer sun is just begging me to relax on the beach and work on my golden glow. Believe it or n0t, the beaches are not just the playgrounds of humans.  Lots of dogs enjoy a day at the beach….the cozy feel of the sand beneath our paws…the enticing ocean water….it is pure heaven!

However, before you head to your local beach, be sure to find out if (1) it is pet-friendly and (2) if your pet can run leash-free or if there is a leash law. You can access for information on these matters.

Once you have determined those factors, it is a good idea to understand certain dog etiquette for the beach:

  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times when a leash law is in effect.
  • If you dog decides to take care of business while on the beach, please make sure to clean up the mess and properly dispose of it.
  • Your dog is not in a Presidential Parade.  Please do not meet and greet with other beach-goers or dogs unless invited to do so.
  • If  you are in an official off-leash area, you better make sure your dog is well-behaved and able to listen to all of your commands.  Otherwise, keep the leash on your pet.
  • When using an off-leash area, you still have to pay attention to your dog.

In short, just be a responsible pet owner, like you would anywhere else.  Although it sounds tempting to me, don’t encourage your pet to go snorkeling or to ride some cool waves on a surf board.  Why?  Well, we don’t want them to pee in the water now, do we?

Well, the sun is beckoning me to come out and catch some rays.  May every day with your pet be a blessful day at the beach!

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