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Let’s Roll

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The other night I watched a show about 9/11, and one of the segments focused on the families of those lost when Flight 93 crashed in that Pennsylvania field.

As I expected, the tales were sad but there was one big lesson I took from it. The passengers and crew decided to fight against the odds, to do their best to overpower the armed terrorists rather than sit back and do nothing.

Those people knew it was a risk, but felt strongly enough about what they were doing, that fear became secondary to their mission, to stop terrorists from doing any more damage that day.

Almost every day we are faced with something that scares us, sometimes we move forward, but often we back away, afraid to take the risk because of the consequences.

The people on Flight 93 were afraid, no doubt about it, but they went forward. Unfortunately, none of them got home safely, but they did do what they set out to do, stop the terrorists from doing more damage to our country.

One of the organizers of the Flight 93 effort had a favorite saying, “let’s roll” when it was time to go. He uttered that phrase one last time as the people of Flight 93 attacked the terrorists.

I plan to keep that in mind, and the next time I’m faced with a difficult, very scary decision, I’ll think of Flight 93 and vow “let’s roll.”. How about you?

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