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Laying On a Bed Sure Beats Laying on the Floor!

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ChandlerChandler, one of our clients, usually lays on the hard concrete-like floor at home.  Many dogs like to lay on the bare floor, especially this time of year, because it feels cooler than a cloth bed.  Even though the floor may be cooler to them, it can cause joint problems for your dog.

When dogs lay on hard surfaces too much, fluid can form around the dog’s elbow, causing inflammation and may become infected.  The growths are called hygromas and are quite difficult to treat.  They normally start out small, but over time can become ulcerated and quite painful.

If you see a small callous on your dog’s elbow, it is best to have the growth checked out by a veterinarian to determine if it is a hygroma.  The best way to prevent the callous to grow into a full-fledged hygroma is to get an orthopedic bed and teach your dog to lay on the bed vs. the hard floor.

If a hygroma does form, the normal treatment is aspirating, or draining, the fluid from the growth and obtain an orthopedic dog bed.  There are products, one of the most popular is called DoggLeggs, that protect the damaged joint and aid in healing.

This is a problem that’s easily prevented, just help your dog see the benefit in relaxing on that nice, comfy bed!

Reference:  Your Dog, March 2011


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