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Keep this Information Close at Hand!

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Party Marty here! The coolest cat in the ‘hood….next to our late and beloved Bo, to whom I dedicate this post:  If you are anything like me (and if you are, you should feel blessed!), then you are geared up for a rocking and rolling summer of fun, especially with your pets.  Take a little advice from me…keep the following information at the ready….just in case.  We don’t want emergencies to happen, but if they do, you will be prepared…and your pet will also be in good hands!

Tape this information to the inside of a kitchen or bathroom cabinet door or post it to the fridge:

1.) You veterinarian’s name, number, and address.

2.) The number of a 24-hour emergency vet service that is near your home.

3.) The number for the National Animal Poison Control Center, which is 1-800-548-2423.

4.) The name and number of a local cab service.

Hopefully, you will not need any of this information for your pet this summer, but if you do, perhaps it will save a life!

Thanks to the web site for posting this for all to see!


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