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Keep that Outdoor Cat Warm This Winter!

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Bo, the privileged indoor cat:

Do you have an outdoor cat?  Is it winter time right now?  Don’t assume that just because your outdoor cat has a fur coat that he is warm and toasty all of the time.  Sure, that outdoor cat of yours is probably fiercely independent, but, just like you, even he needs help getting through the cold of winter.  Here are some helpful suggestions to keep him feeling warm and fuzzy all over.

  • Feed him daily.  If they are to hunt for their food, cats need to be well-fed to have the energy to do so.  After all, they average two to three successes out of ten attempts to hunt for food.  Some do not even have the desire to hunt, kill, and then actually eat their prey.  Plus, some mice and other rodents may bear diseases that could prove harmful to the cat.  Further, the exta calories will sustain your outdoor cat and allow him to maintain his body temperature during those icy cold months. Dry cat food does not freeze, so this is obviously a better option than canned cat food.  Most cats will tolerate eating it, especially if they are really hungry.
  • Be sure to make a safe place for your cat to sleep.  It needs the necessary shelter as protection from those cold, winter nights.  Make a place just big enough for him, but not so big that a dog, possum, raccoon, or other creature can seek shelter in it.  Try to raise the shelter off the ground somewhat so the cold air from the ground does not leak into the shelter.  Throw in a blanket or an old sleeping bag for comfort.
  • Be sure to have fresh water for your outdoor cat daily, but remember to periodically check on it, as if the temps drop, the water will freeze!  If your budget allows, purchase a heated bowl.  Otherwise, simply place a fresh bowl of water every day in the same place at the same time.  Your cat will become acquainted with this routine and know when and where to find water that is fresh and not frozen!
  • Of course, a few warm and tender hugs from YOU won’t hurt, either!

(Thanks to and its article on How to Keep Outdoor Cats Warm in Winter for this helpful information.)


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