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It’s Hot Outside, but the Dog Wants to Go for a Walk!

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Party Marty here! (The hottest cat with the coolest job!): We have had some pretty toasty days lately, and if that ball of fur of yours (by that, I mean THE DOG) is begging to go out on a walk, take heed!  My Yorkie-Poo buddy, Bolt, a ball of fire more than fur, loves his walks, but he forgets how over-heated he can become, and by the end of mile two, well, he is pretty much done in. He is panting like crazy, drool hanging off his beard….not a pretty sight.  When he gets home, he recovers spread eagle across the tile in the kitchen to cool himself down, and it’s usually a good 15 minutes before he is back to his usual self.  So, here are some handy tips when it comes to walking your dog in hot weather.

  • Take your dog on a walk in the early morning hours or in the cooler, evening hours.  If you can’t take the mid-day heat, I doubt your coat-wearing dog can, either.
  • If your dog is slightly overweight, don’t expect him to travel great distances.  That extra weight can be killer in elevated temperatures!  Keep that in mind!
  • Make sure your dog stays hydrated.  Offer him water before and after the walk, and if he becomes overly heated and is panting uncontrollably. STOP!  Pick him up and carry him home if he is a smaller breed. You may be comfortable, but obviously he is not! (However, I personally think that Bolt just loves to be carried and pampered and worries excessively about his delicate paws on the sidewalk! He’s kind of vain that way!)
  • If you don’t feel like taking a walk, enjoy the cool grass in your backyard or at the local dog park.  Play fetch with your dog. Let him run around for a few minutes. He’ll burn off some energy! Plus, it will give the cat time to hide his chew toys before he comes back inside.

Keeping it cool in the house!  Yours, Marty!


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