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It’s Good to Be a Dog….or a Cat!

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Ann, guest columnist, with two lazy dogs: When it comes right down to it, I often wonder if it’s simply better to be a cat or a dog these days.  I mean….think about it.  As a dog or a cat, you don’t have to worry about the stock market as it comes tumbling down all around you.  You don’t have to turn on your TV or log onto the internet, only to see a plethora of bad news stories out there.  You aren’t bombarded with a host of negative things that just seem to mentally weigh you down.  Nope…as a dog or a cat, your worries are few and far between.

As I watched my two dogs this morning, all they were concerned about was this:

1.)  “Hmmm….wonder if there is any fresh water and food in my bowls?”

2.) “Hey! Why does that sun keep moving in a path across the carpet?  Geez…every five minutes I have to get up and re-position myself comfortably!”

3.) “What was that?  Did the garage door just open?  Who’s home? Who’s home?”

4.) “Treat? Did someone say treat?”

5.) “I feel a walk is in my future!  I just know it!  My human just put on her sneakers!”

I would hate to list the top five things that run through my mind these days.  Yes. It’s good to be a dog or a cat.  Perhaps, if only for a day, we could all switch places with our pets, we could truly grasp what’s important in life. If so, these would represent my top five concerns:

1.) “Hey!  Pool boy! Where’s my fresh lemonade?”

2.)  “I sure hope that cloud moves soon, as it is blocking that warm sun bathing my body.”

3.) “Did someone just come home?  If so, do they have something for me?”

4.) “Sure hope no one ate all the chocolate chip cookies.”

5.) “I feel a nap is in my future. I am getting very sleepy.”

Just for a day would be nice. However, I am wondering how my two dogs would handle the laundry, the car pooling, the errands, and the cleaning.  Maybe we should just all bask in the sun together for the afternoon!  Worries? What worries?


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