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It’s Dog’s Play!

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Jessie, the adorable canine:  If you want a perfectly behaved, well-mannered, socially-adept dog like myself, you have to play at it.  No, I did not mean work at it…I meant PLAY at it.  When you engage in fun activities with your dog, it is good for everyone around. Dogs have a better chance of learning manners, and they become much easier to live with.  When you play with your dog, you learn a bit more about him or her.  You make a connection.  Plus, you provide some exercise for your dog and reduce the boredom factor.  Did you know that a dog that exercises with its human will probably display fewer behavioral problems?  (Now I understand what is wrong with Bo, our cat!)  Plus, activities serve to stimulate both our humans and us!  It is a win-win!  I know my friend, Bolt, a Yorkie-Poo, has recently taking up running with his human.  He knows when it is time to leash up, lace up, and hit the road, and he will excitedly bark to let his human know it is time to go!  Despite his seven-pound frame, this dog runs like the wind and has the grace of a gazelle!  He literally has a smile on his face while doing this!  His human has noted how much more social he is and more notably, how much calmer he is when inside.  Plus, when it is time for bed, Bolt is fast asleep before his little head even hits the doggie bed!

If you want your dog to have some fun, and perhaps you don’t always have the time, contact the pet sitting experts at My Joy of Living in Kansas City.  Owner Karen Harrison will know just what to do to bring fun and excitement into your dog’s daily routine!  The Joy of Living will truly put the joy of living into your dog!  You will be happier, too!

Gotta run now!  Bye!

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