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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas….Already

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I was doing some shopping today and noticed Christmas trees and all the associated paraphrenalia are already showing up in stores.  Do you shop for a holiday gift for your pet?  Have you spent money on a toy for your pet only to find they prefer playing with an empty box or a plastic grocery bag?  If so, consider giving your pet a handmade gift this year.

One simple and easy-to-make toy for cats is a catnip filled baby sock.  Simply fill the sock with catnip, then tie the end closed with string.  If you have some spare material, decorate the outside of the toy.  Another gift that your cat might like is cat grass, try growing it or catnip in a window planter.

Dogs love treats, and there are many recipes online for quick and easy treats, many of which contain 5 or less ingredients, and some of them are even no-bake.  Before deciding which treat recipe to make, check the ingredients to be sure there aren’t any items that may cause allergic reactions in your pet.

The great thing about these handmade gifts is they are kid-friendly projects.  A friend of mine that leads a Daisy Scout troop showed me the catnip sock toys they made at their last meeting.  The no-bake dog treats don’t involve using an oven, so even young children can help out with making them.  If you’re looking for a charity project for the holidays, consider making these handmade toys and treats for area homeless pets.

These are economical, quick and easy gifts both you and your pet can love!


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