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It’s Almost Valentine’s Day…Does Your Dog Have Cold Feet?

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Jessie, the incredible canine:  That wonderful day of love is nearly upon us.  It is time to lavish affection not only upon your significant other, but upon your pets as well…especially your dog!

Bo, the curious cat: Wait a minute there!  Cats deserve love and affection, too.  And perhaps some awesome new collar or cat nip toy.  You can have the chocolates, Jessie!

Jessie:  What?  Are you kidding?  Chocolate is deadly to a pet.  Are you trying to kill me? (Bo just smiles.) Anyway, now that the proverbial day of love is near, I want to give you a few pointers about making your pet feel warm and cuddly, especially with all of the snow and ice outside, coupled with the frigid temperatures.  I know that some folks think a dog (or cat!) will be just fine outside in this type of weather.  That is most definitely not true!  We can get frostbite and hypothermia just like humans!  To make us feel loved, and to keep our feet warm, provide us some indoor accomodations that are warm and comfortable.  If your pet absolutely has to stay outside, please provide it some shelter away from the elements, and put in some straw or blankets for insulation.  However, if your pet likes to chew on things, do not use a blanket or any material that could be ingested.  If you use cedar shavings, use them with caution, as they can irritate a pet’s skin.  Some pet suppliers sell heated mats for pets to sleep on or to put under the dog house to warm it up.  Also, make sure we have access to fresh water and food at all times. I heard you can buy heated water dishes to keep outdoor water bowls from freezing.  Finally, be sure to keep our paws clean.  Before we come in, please wipe our paws with a warm wet cloth to clean off any snow, ice, and debris.  Some pets like to lick their paws, and if they have walked on any type of chemical de-icer that is on the ground outside, it can make them sick to their stomachs.

Well, I am going back to my warm pet bed in my little corner of the house.  If you have any Valentine’s greetings to send, you know where to find me!  I love to be loved!

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