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It’s a Feline Kind of Day

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BomanToday is National Cat Day, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some stories of famous felines:

  • King Charles I of England had total faith in his cat, named Cat, who was his lucky mascot.  Oddly, Cat died the day before Charles was arrested and later beheaded.
  • Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer’s cat was named Sizi.  Although Schweitzer was left-handed, when Sizi fell asleep on his left arm, he wrote prescriptions with his right hand so he wouldn’t disturb her.
  • During the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee traveled with several cats that we wrote about often in letters to is family.  Although his dog was jealous, he allowed the cats to share his tent because they were comforting and the mice out.
  • Composer Frederic Chopin copied some of the notes his cat played when it jumped on the keyboard while he was composing his Cat Waltz

Here’s a picture of my feline friend Bo, who shares occasional blogging duties here.

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