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It’s A Big Step Up

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pet stepsI’m doing a pet sit right now for three dogs:  a 10 year old Rottweiler, a 9 year old Chow Mix, and a 5 month old Yorkie.  The Rottweiler doesn’t get around so well now, she has arthritis and takes Rimadyl twice a day.

The house they live in is mostly hardwood floors with a few area rugs.  The Rottie has a favorite couch she likes to sleep on, but now hesitates to get up because she has trouble jumping due to the arthritis.

For older dogs or cats that have mobility issues, there are a variety of pet steps available to help them.  If your dog likes to go for car rides but has trouble climbing into your vehicle, ramps are available to assist them in getting in.

Many pet supply stores carry orthopedic beds in a variety of sizes to make dogs or cats with arthritis more comfortable when laying down.

It’s no fun for a pet to suffer with arthritis, but there are some tools available to help them take life a little easier.  Check them out, your pet will thank you!

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