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It Can Be Tricky Finding Healthy Treats

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Lately I’ve been focusing on finding healthy pet treats and discovered that although there are tons of pet treats on the market, a lot of them aren’t healthy.  So what are some things to consider when shopping for goodies for your pet?

Like us, pets should watch their calorie intake, treats should make up only 10% of their daily diet.  If you aren’t sure what your pet’s daily caloric intake should be, your vet can help you determine it.  Once you have the daily calorie factor, you can determine how many calories can be set aside for treats.  Many treats have the calorie count on the bag or available through their website.

Another item to consider is what’s in the treats you’re giving your pet.  Some treats are comprised of fillers,  sugars and preservatives much like the junk food we eat.  It’s best to look for treats with all natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables (berries or sweet potatoes, for example).  If your pet has grain sensitivites, look for grain-free treats.

One other point to think about in selecting treats for your pet is safety of the treats.  If the treats you select are weight/size specific, be sure to buy the right size for your pet to prevent choking.  Some treats/chew toys are extremely hard and can damage your pet’s teeth. If you can’t dent the treat, it’s too hard for your pet’s teeth.

An option to consider rather than buying treats is making them yourself.  There are many pet cookbooks available with a wide variety of treat recipes.  Check online for recipes, too.  Depending on your pet’s tastes, fruits and vegetables are definitely an option, Jessie (an occasional blogger here) LOVES apples, so I give her small bites when I have one as a snack.  Bananas, carrots and fresh green beans are also popular with many pets.

Share a healthy snack today with your pet, you’ll both feel better!


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