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Is Your Pet Stressed?

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Have you noticed your pet itching, chewing and licking herself a lot lately?  These behaviors may be allergic reaction, or a classic case of pet OCD.  Following are some steps to take to help eliminate these behaviors:

  • Have your pet checked by the vet.  If the licking and scratching is caused by allergies, treating the symptoms will most probably help stop the behavior.
  • If allergies are ruled out, make a list of things that might be causing your pet stress.  Some common stressors include:  change in routine, being around small children or fear of thunder.
  • Take steps in eliminate your pet’s stressors.  If the stress is due to something that can be eliminated, then get rid of it.  If stress is caused by exposure to children, for example, try to minimize your pet’s time around them, or if that’s not possible, try to change your pet’s opinion of children by painting them in positive light.
  • Increase your pet’s exercise.  Physical activity promotes release of feel good endorphins in your pet.  Mental activity, such as play with interactive toys, will take your pet’s mind off the obsessive behavior.
  • Try stress relieving pet products.  There are many products on the market to relieve pet’s stress such as music CD’s or pheromone sprays.

Stress can be a real problem for us and our pets.  Check for Doga classes in your area.  A bit of yoga for you and your pet can work wonders!  Have you and your pet taken a chill pill today?

Whole Dog Journal, April 2011, was a reference for this post


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