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Is Your Pet Ready for a Spa Day?

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Depending on the breed of cat or dog, your pet can have some pretty big grooming requirements. Grooming is important for your pet’s appearance and their health as well.  Failure to get your pet regularly groomed can result in problems like ear infections (caused by accumulation of ear wax or hair).

When looking for a groomer, here are some things to look for and/or ask about:

  • Cleanliness of the grooming area
  • How much training does the groomer have?  Does the groomer have experience with your dog’s breed?
  • What services are included:  bathing, nail trim, ear cleaning, brushing, coat/hair trimming?
  • Will they check and express anal glands if necessary?
  • Where will pet be kept before/after grooming?  Will he have clean water to drink?  Will he be given potty breaks in a safe area?

Since the groomer is working “up close and personal” with your pet, he/she can often spot potential health issues. Your groomer should tell you about any problems when you pick up your pet.

We all enjoy a spa day from time to time.  Treat your pet to regular spa days to keep her looking, and feeling, her best!

Some info for this post from The Adopted Dog Bible.


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