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Is Your Dog’s Engine Overheating?

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At the Bark n Blues event I participated in today, there were a lot of people with their dogs.  Although their was quite a breeze, more of a wind at some points, temperatures did exceed 80 degrees.  Many of the dogs, especially those with long coats, were panting a lot trying to stay cool.  Imagine walking around wearing a fur coat in the middle of summer…………it would not be comfortable, for sure!

With warmer temperatures comes a risk of heatstroke for your pet.  If you notice your dog begin to pant excessively, become dizzy, or have diarrhea, these could all be signs of heatstroke.

Move your dog to a shady area immediately and cover him with cool, not cold, damp towels to reduce his body temperature gradually to a healthy level.  Offer him a drink, but don’t force him to drink.  The next step is to get him to a vet immediately.

Summer is a fun time of year to get out and about with your dog, but be sure to take it easy to keep your engine, and your dog’s, from overheating.


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