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Is Your Dog Slip Sliding Away?

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RileyRiley, the remaining Fur Boy, recently moved into a new home with his family.  He really likes the new place but is struggling a bit since the house has a lot of hardwood flooring.

An article in the August 2011 Whole Dog Journal offers some good ideas to help your dog gain some footing on hardwood floors.  One suggestion is a lightweight terry runner with cotton backing called CarpetSaver.  It can be cut to various lengths easily with kitchen scissors and is even machine washable!  Colors are limited and it isn’t “premium” floor covering, but is an economical, convenient way to help your dog navigate on an otherwise slippery floor.  For more information, check out

Another alternative mentioned in the article is yoga matting.  They can be shaken and vacuumed easily to get rid of debris and are reasonable inexpensive.  It can also serve as a nice bed for your dog. The yoga matting is available in bulk if you have many areas you want to cover.  Check out for more information.


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