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Is your cat “purr-fect?”

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What exactly is that vibrating, humming sound that comes from cats?

While theories abound as to what produces a purr in cats, none have resolutely been proven.  Some scientists speculate that purring is the result of electrical impulses in the brain transmitted through the central nervous system to the muscles near the voice box and the diaphragm.  Those nerve impulses then cause certain contractions of those muscles as the cat breathes in and out with its mouth closed.  As the vibrations are felt along the cat’s body, they are audible near the nose and mouth.  Studies have shown that purring also releases natural feel good hormones in a cat!

Purring is also a form of communication.  Purring is used for social interaction when cats approach each other.  It is their form of a greeting to each other.  Sometimes kittens use their purring abilites to reassure each other that all is well.  It is a comforting technique.

Cats will also purr when sick, injured, or dying.  Some experts believe cats do this to alert others that he is not feeling well.  If your cat looks or acts sick or is behaving in an abnormal way, yet is purring, you should notify your veterinarian.

Overall, cats like to greet us with their little purrs, and it always causes us to snuggle closely with them and make us feel like all is truly well.  When you interact with your cat in this manner, you most surely feel that life is “purr-fect.”

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