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Is Your Cat Carrying a Few Extra Pounds?

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cat extra poundsIt’s the beginning of a new year and many New Year’s resolutions include losing weight.  Is your cat one of those carrying around a few extra pounds?

How do you know if your cat is overweight?  You should be able to feel her ribs, not see them, but feel them.  Also, your cat should have a waistline below her ribs, you should be able to see a slight curve in when you look at her from above.

You’ve done the once over and your feline is a little on the heavy side, so what can you do to help her shed that extra weight?  Well, the rules aren’t so different for our cats as they are for us…….exercise, slow down snacking, portion control are the keys.

Get your cat moving, does she like to chase the laser light or play with a favorite toy?  If so, engage her in some play daily to stimulate her mind and burn some calories.  Another game to play is “work for it”.  Try putting bits of her food in dishes around the house and let her know she’ll have to hunt for it.  It will play on her stalking/hunting instincts and get her moving to burn calories.

When it comes to snacking, limit the amount of treats you give your cat.  Treats are comparable to dessert for us….they’re nice to have but not necessary.  Check the recommended amount on the treat package and don’t go over the limit.  Your cat’s vet can advise you on the number of calories your cat should have daily, take that number into consideration when giving treats.

Portion control is also important.  Free feeding is not a good idea if your kitty is on the heavy side.  Try feeding your cat twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  If she’s had the luxury of free feeding she may not be happy at first, but will adjust to the new feeding schedule in due time.

Try these tips and your cat will be slimmer and trimmer before you know it!


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