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Is this for real? Doggie make-up?

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Jessie, the beautiful dog: You know, The Crufts dog show is being held in England as we speak.  I am wondering why I am not in attendance.  I am not suggesting I should be a mere spectator, either.  I think I could hold my own quite well in such an event.

Bo, the annoyed cat:  Are you kidding me?  You could not even get a job as an usher there!  This is a top notch event.  It beckons the best of the best of the best.  Don’t think I saw your name on the list.

Jessie:  Well, if I could get our human, Karen, owner of Joy of Living Pet Sitting Services in Overland Park, to glam me up a bit, I might qualify.

Bo:  Well, from what I have read in the news, some of those dogs are being called on the carpet for engaging in behaviors that are completely disturbing.

Jessie:  What on earth do you mean?

Bo:  According to my sources at, the judges for this dog show, the world’s largest, are on the look out for canine competitors whose looks have been, shall we say, enhanced with certain cosmetics.

Jessie:  Does Maybelline know about this?

Bo, rolling his eyes:  Do you not know anything?  This is not about green eyeshadow, red lipstick, and pink blush.  It is about hair removal creams and color dyes.  While it has been alleged that some owners are suspected of using lipstick. eyeliner, and even acne creams on their show dogs, most are doing things such as giving the dogs a last minute shave, perhaps using a female depilatory cream, and even using corn startch to brighten up the legs.  Hairdressers unite!  At this event, it is all about shampooing, blow drying, and coiffing the ‘dos!  One dog in particular was spotted getting a last minute shave and even having her eyes touched up wtih white powder to get that nasty red look out of them.  Begs the question:  How many of these canine friends are wearing colored contact lenses or have had plastic surgery?  Where will it end?????

Jessie:  That is why I should be in the show.  With my natural good looks and dynamic personality, I would be the highlight of the show!

Bo, aside:  More like the court jester if you ask me.  Now, I have to get going.  I have a mani-pedi scheduled in 30 minutes.  What?  Those of the male persuasion have to look good, too!


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