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Is There an Elephant in the Room? No…That’s Just Marty!

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Jessie, the inquisitive dog with a nose for the answers: I love to research material online. Educating myself is my first priority. It keeps me mentally fit and two steps ahead of that mangy cat, Marty.

Interestingly enough, my research led me to some interesting information this weekend.  Did you know that elephants and cats have something in common?  Elephants purr!  Just like cats! For elephants, it is a form of communication. They purr when they are out of sight of other elephants, but that purring alerts the others to their presence.  If an elephant feels threatened, then the purring stops as a warning to the other elephants of potential danger.  Once the danger is gone, the purring continues.

I trust that Marty will stop purring once he realizes I am close by.  He should be cautious of my presence.  I am, after all, the alpha dog.

Hey, Marty! What do you want to be for Halloween this year? I hear there are some fun elephant costumes at the store!

(Thanks to the bigsiteofamazingfacts for this fun and interesting tid bit.)


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