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Is Money Tight? Maybe You Can Put Your Dog to Work!

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Bolt, Yorkie-Poo Guest Blogger:  Hey!  The Oscars are coming up this Sunday!  I love watching all of the glitz and glamour! How fun would it be to grace the big screen? I have the looks, the talent and the attitude! Perhaps I should get a job in show business! I wonder how much it pays???

Well, my curiosity got the better of me so I did a little bit of research online at and found out some interesting tid-bits about how much those famous movie dogs get paid! I think I am going to update my resume now!

While TV and movie dogs may not get the big paychecks that their human counterparts do, they do make some serious bank when it comes to getting paid. We are talking hundreds of dollars a day!  That’s a lot of dog treats!

Dogs who “act” are typically paid on a daily or weekly basis at a certain rate. Most daily rates can range from $350 – $400, no matter how good the dog is. (Wow!  Even someone like me who specializes in napping and snacking could make a killing!)

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Consider the perks along the way:  also typically included in the deal is first class travel, should they fly somewhere to promote a project….with their own seat!!! (No crate below in the baggage area! Sweet!)

Then, upon their arrival at the intended destination, they get to stay in a local Marriott, Hilton, or at the very least, a Holiday Inn or a Westin. Evidently, these famous dogs are living the high life!

Which begs the question…what do dogs get that write blog posts for high profile web sites? I need to speak with my agent to make sure I am getting a fair deal!

Catch you later….maybe on the big screen. I have to go take a few “selfies” for potential headshots and beef up my resume now!





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