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Ignore Us and We’ll Love You!

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Marty, the cat on the prowl, investigating the latest in public thought and opinion:  Folks say cats are particular.  I say dogs are!  Why?  Well, have you ever wondered why they seem to be most attracted to people who don’t pay attention to them? No. They don’t see this as a challenge. In fact, they see it as a very non-aggressive approach. You see, if one is an animal lover, he will most likely express his interest in dogs by bending over them and trying to pet them.  That form of body language right there can be assessed as dominant and hostile by the dog, and he will want to retreat from that.  Ignore them, and they keep coming back to you.  They see what we call inattention as friendly and non-threatening. Typically, when people don’t care for dogs, they tend to look away, which is dog langauge for “friendly!”

I just don’t get it, however.  Love me, pet me, make me purr, and I am yours!

Happy Memorial Day!  We salute all military personnel, active, retired, and who have also been laid to rest. God bless you all!

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