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If you have a cat….beware the Easter Lily!

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Marty, the new cat in town: With Easter and Mother’s Day quickly approaching, thoughts turn to spring flowers and the cherished Easter lily. While the Easter lily is a thing of beauty, it can be lethal to your pet. Of the 442 reported cases to the ASPCA of pets that ingested some variety of the lily last year, 83% of those cases involved cats. Common lily varieties that are dangerous to cats include the Easter lily, the tiger lily, the rubrum lily, the Japanese show lily, and certain species of day lily.

Even when consumed in small amounts, these can pose life-threatening situations to your pet. Your cat may become lethargic, begin to vomit, or lose its appetite. Immediate care and medical attention is necessary, as kidney failure can occur within 36 to 72 hours after ingestion. If you think that your cat has eaten part of a lily, contact your veterinarian right away. If you are considering giving Easter lilies as gifts this Easter or Mother’s Day, consider giving a safer alternative, such as orchids, cacti, daisies, roses or violets if the recipient has a cat.

All of this being said, it is perfectly acceptable for the Easter Bunny to leave some cat nip or something. I’m just saying….

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