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I Will Miss You, Ronnie

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Veronica chillin'

It is always difficult for me to write tribute posts to pet clients that have passed away.  I just received word this afternoon that Veronica, a long time client, passed away.

She was a big girl, a Rottweiler, so at first glance it was not surprising for new people to be afraid of her.  For me, though, Veronica, or Ronnie as I called her, became a fast friend.  She liked to be brushed, of course liked to be petted, and loved treats.

Many afternoons Ronnie could be found napping on her couch.  She would sleep very soundly and had quite a snore too!  She’d slowed down quite a bit the last few months, arthritis was beginning to affect her mobility, so it wasn’t as easy for her to jump up on her couch for naps.

When Gigi, a new puppy, became a member of the family, Ronnie took her in and showed her the ropes as only a big sister can.  I know Gigi will miss her!

Ronnie, sweet girl, take care.  I will miss you!

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