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I Need A Staycation

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These days, more pet owners are looking for pet-friendly destinations for vacation.  Budget or schedule constraints can limit options for pet owners and families doing vacation planning, so one possibility is a staycation.

Staycations involve planning activities in your hometown, or even in your own backyard.  Here are some suggestions for planning a pet-friendly staycation:

  • Now that warmer weather is here, many restaurants are opening their patios for outdoor dining.  Many of these restaurants allow pets to accompany their owners when dining outside.  Call the restaurant prior to leaving your home to be sure your pet is allowed.
  • Do you have city parks with walking trails?  If so, consider taking your dog for a walk.  It will be a different walking locale, and dogs always like checking out new areas.  Pack a picnic basket with goodies for you and your pet to enjoy after the walk.
  • Does your city offer outdoor concerts or theatre productions through the summer?  If so, check to see if pets are allowed and take your dog along.
  • Consider turning your backyard into a pet play area.  Many dogs like the water, especially in the heat of summer, so think about filling a plastic kiddie pool with water for your dog to jump into to cool off.  If your dog has other pet friends, another fun possibility is having a pet party complete with frozen treats for them to enjoy.
  • Outdoor sporting events can be another activity to enjoy with your dog.  Check with the venue first to be sure pets are allowed before leaving home.

Getting away is nice, but vacationing at home can be fun too.  What is your favorite summertime activity to enjoy with your pet?

Dog Fancy, July 2011, was a source for this article


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