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How to Sleep Like a Dog

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Jessie, the well-rested pooch:  Admit it!  You humans are somewhat jealous of the canine kind.  After all, we don’t have to pay bills, shuttle kids around, and worry about the demands of a job we probably don’t even enjoy.  Stress to us is worrying if the dog food bowl and water bowl will remain continually supplied.

Don’t you just get a tad bit envious when you see us dozing, sleeping away the hours without a care on our minds?  Well, you, too, can sleep like a dog if you develop a few of our trusty habits.

First of all, do your exercise in the morning.  Dogs love to get up, get out, and get going first thing in the morning…a quick run, a brisk walk…that really awakens our senses and sets the tone for the day. If we attempted to do this later in the day, we might just be too wound up for bed time…just like you would be.  Make exercise a morning deal, not an evening one.

Get plenty of sunshine!  Exposure to the sun aids the sleep cycles.  Too many of you humans spend your days inside, slaving away under artificial lighting.  Get outside a few times a day for a few minutes.  You will be amazed at the effects the sun’s rays have on you.  Now….don’t go overboard and subject yourself to skin cancer, but do get some sunshine daily!  It does a body (and mind!) good.  After all, haven’t you ever witnessed us sleeping in the sun?  Try it some time for a power nap.  (Not at work where your boss might find you, but if you are at home and need a quick recharge, find a spot in the sun near a window or outside on a lounge chair if the weather permits and snooze for 15 nmintues!) You’ll love it and be ready to reclaim your productivity upon awakening!

Lights out at bed time.  Turn off those computers, those iPads, and those pesky cell phones. If you have to use them near bedtime, dim the lights on them a bit.  You need to signal your brain that it is time to sleep, not dabble on Facebook!

Thanks to for some of these fresh ideas!  Now…get some rest…you probably have a busy day tomorrow!


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