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How to clean up after your lovable four-legged friend

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Jessie, the world’s greatest dog:  Did you know that there are over 40 million households in the US that share their homes with over 68 million dogs?  Guess what type of pet is very popular????

Bo, the disinterested, yet confident, cat:  (Yawns and returns to sleep)

Jessie:  Well, with all of those dogs running around the house, you can bet there are some substantial messes to clean up, and you don’t see me running around with a mop and a bucket!  So, what is a human to do?  If you want to keep the pet messes in your home at bay, then here are a few tips from one in the know, ME!

  • Choose flooring surfaces that clean up easily and can withstand those pesky canine nails. Synthetic carpets offer the best stain shield protection.
  • Do not delay cleaning up messes.  The longer a mess sits there, the more challenging it is to clean it up.  (I know this because I have been trying to clean up the mess of Bo, but he has been a permanent fixture in this house that I fear his residue may never leave.)
  • Avoid ammonia-based cleaners on dog messes.  They smell like urine…oh, yeah, and surprisingly like Bo!
  • An enzyme-based dog odor neutralizer can destroy that urine smell.
  • The main areas where dogs sleep and play can collect those annoying smells.  Be sure to clean those areas up well and often.
  • Unlike me, not every dog is flea-free.  Boric acid (100%) is a great odorless powder that is won’t stain and is proven to kill fleas.
  • Restrict your dog to certain areas of your home to create an allergy-free environment for yourself and your family.  (I prefer to restrict the cat in our home!)
  • Use vacuums that have high efficiency filters that will help to clean the air in your home. (Or, alternatively, get rid of the cat!)
  • Bathe and groom your dog on a regular basis, preferably outside.  (Although I do prefer the ambiance of an elegant spa!)
  • Keep your home well-ventilated.

I was surprised to learn in my research that you can hand-vacuum a dog that sheds a lot.  I wonder what would happen if I hand-vacuumed Bo?  Would my human recognize the sound of a cat being sucked up by a vacuum?  Hmmm…..

Stay clean!  Have fun!  Hide the cat!

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