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How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth! Jessie’s Special Tips!

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Jessie’s advice on how to brush your dog’s teeth:

Using a pet toothbrush or a piece of gauze wrapped around your finger, position it at a 45 degree angle to the dog’s teeth and then begin to clean in small, circular motions.  Concentrate on one area of your dog’s mouth at a time.  You may occasionally need to lift his lip up a bit to allow you room to work.  The area that usually produces the most tartar will be on the side of the tooth that touches the cheek.  Use a downward stroke on that tooth to aid in removing it.  Your dog may resist having the inner surfaces of his teeth cleaned.  Try not to fight it.  Very little tartar accumulates there, anyway.  Once you get this technique down and feel comfortable in doing it, aim for brushing your dog’s teeth up to three times a week.  Soon, his smile will be as dazzling as mine.  But, then again, I am a celebrity of sorts, so I have to keep my teeth red carpet ready at all times!  (Jessie playfully looks into the mirror, flashing a big smile, and then gasps: “Oh, my! Is that a piece of lettuce I see?  Help! My day is ruined! I need my assistant, stat!)

(Thanks to the web site for this helpful information! No, they were not responsible for the food in Jessie’s teeth!)


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