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Hey, you old cat!

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Bo:  News flash!  Did you know that aging in cats is not a disease?  It is a natural process.  However, despite the naturalness about it, it is not without its problems.  As you know, from the time we are cute, adorable kittens through our geriatric phase, we delight in keeping you company and making you happy.  In return, all we ask is that you give us the proper care we deserve in our “golden years.”

For example, make sure we are more frequently monitored by our veterinarian.  Since we move through the lifespan process at a much more accelerated rate than humans do, waiting a year to have us get a check-up is synonymous with waiting several years to do so for a person.  We need to be seen by our vets at least twice per year.

On the homefront, you can do your part by keeping tabs on our weight each month, monitoring our thirst, appetite, bowel movements, and urine production.  Keep a keen eye out for any behavioral changes, unexpected lumps and bumps, and any foul odor coming from our bodies.

Jessie:  HA!  You have had a foul odor your entire life!  What are you talking about?

Bo:  Watch it, bud!  Also, it is normal for us to experience changes in our hearing and vision as we age.  Indoor cats accomodate well to the reduction in these senses, provided you do not move the furniture.

(Loud noises heard in the background here.  Jessie is huffing and puffing, as if moving large objects randomly about the room.  Interesingly enough, Jessie is smiling throughout this process.)

Bo:  Make sure our vaccinations are up-to-date and that you continue to administer the external parasite prevention measures and worming procedures, as directed by our vet.  Thanks for taking the time to think about our good health!

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