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Hey, Rover! It’s Bath Time!

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Party Marty here, giving some great tips on washing your dog this summer.  As a cat, I am self-cleaning.  I am a low maintenance kind of guy. However, those dogs out there require a bit more detail on the human part.  If you want to save the mess in your bathroom or save money and do it yourself, head out to the backyard or the frontyard and prep that puppy for a bath! I love it because it is so much fun to watch, especially when a dog is not too keen on the whole idea.  Hey! It’s not my fault I came into this world as a cat!

When washing your pooch outdoors in the heat, you might be tempted to just blast him with a burst of cold water.  While that may, in theory, be funny to me, please don’t do it.  Use warm water.  If you have a utility sink in your garage, hook up the hose to that and turn on the warm water.  Don’t frighten your dog with a burst of Antarctica!

Make sure your dog is leashed or tethered to something.  You don’t want him to run off with a fur coat full of shampoo!  That would dry into a weird mess within seconds!

Before you begin, have all of your supplies at the ready: shampoo, towels, toothbrush, video camera (That’s for me! I love to record these events….you never know when something might be appropriate for some funny home video show!)

After you have thoroughly shampooed and rinsed your dog, dry him off quickly.  In the summer months, it’s not such a big deal, but in the fall and spring, be prompt about it.  You don’t want him to get cold too quickly.

Bathing your dog should be a regular event.  We don’t want him to get too mangy or stinky.  I know!  I live with a dog! Give her a few weeks without a bath, and well…I’m ready to pack my bags and move!  Hygiene, people! Hygiene!

Well, I am going to scout the neighborhood in search of some funny home videos. It’s a bright, warm, and sunny day…and I smell a dirty dog somewhere in need of a bath.  Perhaps I will do the honors! Hehehehe…..

(Thanks to the article on outdoor dog washing on for some of this insightful information.)


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