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Helping Your Pet Through a Disaster

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With the recent tornado devastation in Joplin, MO and more tornadoes making their way through the Midwest, I thought it timely to share information regarding packaged disaster kits for your pet.

Very often, after an area’s been hit as Joplin was, basics, like drinking water, can be in short supply. Pet food and other supplies, like leashes, may very well have been lost in the devastation.  Disaster kits can provide a temporary solution to help you care for your pet.

There are several companies that produce the kits, with prices in the $45-50 range.  Kits come in plastic packets to help keep contents waterproofed.  Manufacturers include a variety of different items in the kits, but most contain basics like food/water dishes, food packet, bottle of water, leash, blanket and pick-up bags.

If you have a pet that takes medications, it might make sense to put together your own kit,  including a weeks worth of meds if possible.  Creating your kit also gives you the opportunity to include all the items you may need to get through the crisis.  This can also be a good option if you have multiple pets, since most prepackaged kits are for one pet and specific to either cats or dogs.

Another option to consider is adding your pet’s supplies to your own disaster kit.  The American Red Cross offers a backpack that is intended to support one person for three days.  Although roomy, when full it doesn’t have enough room to add pet supplies.  Removing the water that’s included and storing it in another location will provide room to include your pet’s supplies.

No one likes to think of the possibility of needing a disaster kit, but being prepared can help you deal with Mother Nature’s fury if it comes your way.

Your Dog, June 2011, was used as a source for this article


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