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Having a Senior Moment

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I just wrapped up a pet sitting assignment caring for three dogs, one of which is a 14 year old Lab mix, KC.  SheKC doesn’t get around so well anymore.  She walks slower than the other two dogs, and can’t walk as far as them.  KC tends to stay in the background rather than push for attention.

Each day all three got their walks, and I made sure to take KC first so she wouldn’t be waiting in the background yet again.  She came to realize that when I grabbed the leash it was time for our walk and she would run to the door, ready to go.  The other two would cry and whine at having to wait their turn, but the first walk continued to be KC’s.

By the third day KC was trotting during her walk, happy for the opportunity to be out and about on her terms, her pace.  She was even playing ball a bit, something she hadn’t remotely attempted when the gig started.  All three of the dogs did well, but KC did the best of all.

If you have a senior pet, exercise helps improve joint health and mobility.  Regular exercise like walking or swimming are good choices for seniors.  For multi-dog homes like KC’s, be sure to give your senior pet play, exercise and gentle training to keep them mentally and physically sharp.  The special attention will have your senior pet smiling like KC.

What special activities do you do with your senior pet?


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