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Have You “Groupon-ed” Pet Care?

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Yesterday, Mike Brown from the Brainzooming group wrote a blogpost about his recent experience at a local restaurant when he used a Groupon voucher.

The restaurant, touted for both food and service in the past, had recently received less than glowing reviews. The theory is this was due in large part to diners using Groupon offers.

A week or so ago, an area doggy daycare ran a Groupon-type offer for its services, giving clients 50 percent off the normal rate for day care or overnight stays. There were approximately 100 of them sold when I checked the offer.

Mike’s Groupon experience was not unique, I’ve heard others complain that service they received at various businesses seemed sub-par.

With this in mind, have you purchased a Groupon-type voucher for your pet’s care? If so, what was your experience…positive or negative?

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If you’d like to read Mike Brown’s entire post, please go to and click on the blog button.


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