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Have Pets? Be Careful of What You Put Under Your Christmas Tree!

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cat chewing on present

The Spirit of Bo lives on…ever protecting and watching over those I love…and Party Marty, too! I have returned to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! Marty, I really do love you, dude! I’ve got your back!  And I can prove it, too, as I am here to give to you and to all pet lovers and their pets some helpful tips about putting things under the Christmas tree.  Even though it looks nice and festive to have gifts wrapped and under the tree, those holiday gifts can pose a health threat to your pets.

According to, it’s wise not to leave a rawhide treat or other edible goodies under the tree.  Your curious pets will probably find them before December 25th! Keep those out of paw reach until the actual day of celebration, when you can supervise your pet “opening” his gifts!

Also, you may love the pretty ribbons and bows, but please remove them before you give the gifts to your pets. If your dog or cat gets into these trimmings – such as yarn, ribbon, or string – they can choke on them or, if actually swallowed, then can cause intestinal obstruction which usually requires surgery. There’s no “Happy Holidays!” in that!

If you have wrapped gifts that contain perfumes or after-shaves, be advised that these contain ethanol (alcohol) and that perfume also contains essential oils which, if ingested by your pet, can be lethal.

Most folks will say, “Remember the batteries!” But I want you to remember those batteries for other reasons.  These can be toxic to pets, and like gift wrapping decorations, they can also cause intestinal blockage.  Just keep those elsewhere until they are ready to be inserted in the gift.

Well, this ghost of Christmas past is ready to watch my friends open some Christmas presents, so I think I will stick around awhile!  This is going to be  a great holiday season!  I just know it!


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