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Have Dog, Lose Weight!

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Jessie, chief information dispenser and lovable dog to all:  Hey!  It’s Friday!  It’s almost the weekend!  Hope all is well in your world!  After you read this, it could be even better for you!  I read an article on recently and discovered that pets like myself can make your life healthier. (Some may argue that pets like Party Marty over there in the corner can make your  life miserable, but who am I to spread viciuous rumors about such a mangy, er, wonderful cat?)  Check this out:

  • If you own a dog, your are  more likely to meet the US Government’s guidelines for recommended exercise!  In fact, if you take regular walks with your dog, you are 41% more likely to increase your pace…and that equates to a better workout and more calories burned!
  • If you have a pet, your blood pressure is more likely to be lower than folks without pets.
  • Suffering from anxiety before going to the dentist or undergoing an MRI or something equally stressful?  Spend 15 minutes with your pet before such a procedure and your anxiety levels will quickly decrease.
  • Those who have pets are less likely to experience loneliness, too.  We know how to keep you happy and feeling connected!
  • Got stress?  Not with us, you don’t….unless, of course, someone like our Wheaten Terrier buddy, Naismith, gets loose and runs at Mach One around the neighborhood right before his owner has to hop in the car and dash to a meeting! Some dogs never learn! At least his owner gets exercise by chasing Naismith down, right?

So….there you have it!  Pets are good for your health! Even when you think we might be up to no good on certain days, we are most certainly good for you all of the time!


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