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Has Your Dog Packed Yet for Vacation?

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Many of us are heading to various destinations for vacation, our pets in some cases accompanying us. As we all know, there are certain essentials we always make sure are in our bags when we’re leaving town. Our pets have “must-haves” they need for vacation too.  Here are some items your dog should have in her bag:

  • Identification.   Make sure your dog is wearing ID in the event you get separated during your trip. Dogs like to explore new territory and they could wander away before you realize it.
  • Towels.  When out and about it’s not unusual for rains to pop up, and your dog could end up with muddy paws.  It’s a good idea to have a few towels on hand to help clean your dog if the need arises.
  • Food.  It’s not a good idea to experiment with new foods for your dog while on vacation.  Pack enough of your pet’s normal food to last for the entire vacation to minimize the possibility of digestive upset.
  • Something familiar from home.  It’s comforting to your dog to have something familiar, like a favorite toy or bed, for them when traveling.  It can be a little stressful having a change in schedule and scenery, so having something familiar will keep your dog calm.

Have you and your dog packed yet?


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